Redeemer’s history

July 10, 1904, was the first worship service of what would evolve into Redeemer Lutheran Church. Our area was quite different in 1904 from what it is today. Redeemer was very isolated, and when the cornerstone was laid in 1905, it was one of the first Lutheran churches in the area, and the first in the borough of Eden, Attleboro, South Langhorne, and now Penndel. A few years later, Redeemer completed the bell tower and the bell, cast in Philadelphia in the 1850’s, was hung. We are very proud to continue to use this bell today. We are now one of only a handful of churches remaining with a genuine church bell.

Philadelphia city limits grew nearer, the general area grew and Redeemer, as many churches in the 1950’s did, expanded also with a building project. The parish education building was added at this time. Redeemer continues to draw faithful members from many geographical areas surrounding the church. Its membership truly reflects the variety of God’s people with all ages, and wide variety of professional occupations. Parochial programs and secular groups make use of our facilities during weekdays. We know our mission is to serve all Christ’s people as we proclaim the gospel.

Redeemer is a special place, with special people, and a special mission, blending old with the new, traditional with contemporary. Exciting things are happening here at Redeemer. Our door is open to you! We would be happy to have you join us as a prayer partner in prayer, song, in hearing of God’s word and in sharing sacraments. Give us a chance to welcome you as you visit and worship with us in our beautiful old church!