As baptized members of the body of Christ, we gratefully confess Jesus as our Lord and Savior. We boldly proclaim the gospel as the Word of God. We clearly recognize the gifts that God has first given us through grace, and we joyfully accept our role and responsibility as stewards.

Our Goal

To create an awareness among members about how we are stewards of God’s gifts and resources and to educate them on being God’s stewards in not only giving their money to support the church’s ministry, but also to utilizing their time and talent for the church’s ministry throughout the year in creative ways, and oversee Volunteer pool through Time and Talent Sheets.


  • Annual stewardship drive and education for three consecutive Sundays
  • Educate the congregation in a creative way (drama or skit) about what Stewardship is all about.
  • Support of Redeemer through Fundraising activities and events.